to a team of hoteliers and travel professionals

Who have come together to offer your brand unique marketing and sales solutions to offer you high return on investment as well as a brand that you can be proud of.

Our Story

Our Solutions combine Creativity
& Expertise to make your Brand Shine





Management Team

 Led by industry veterans Pooja Nataraj and Pravin Bhhardwaj,
Purple Albedo boasts a collective experience of 35 years in the
dynamic realms of travel and hospitality.

Pravin Bhhardwaj


Over his career spanning 2 decades, Pravin has had the privilege to work with the best hotels and travel companies, spearheading revenue functions, sales management, supply side management.​ 

Pooja Nataraj


An International MBA in Sustainability & Marketing Strategy, a stage actor, artist and singer with a strange love for hotels, she has all the ingredients for compelling storytelling! 

What we offer?

Marketing, Branding & Communications

Brand communications, specializing in boutique brands with unique narratives, we excel at creating compelling stories that establish deep connections with audiences. Our strategies are innovative, personalized, and geared towards elevating brands through the power of storytelling. 


Enhancing Guest Experience with VR

Utilizing cutting-edge Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) technologies, hotel brands can offer potential guests a simulated tour of their hotel spaces, allowing them to virtually navigate through rooms, public areas, amenities, and even local attractions. This offers a unique and realistic preview, enhancing the guest's pre-stay experience. 


Sales & Social

 Sales-focused approach and strategic positioning in Social Commerce. Their proficiency lies in translating brand strategies into tangible sales figures, ensuring each move is not just strategic but also results-oriented. 


The Partnership

Embark on a revolutionary journey with Purple Albedo and PNJXN. This strategic partnership is a convergence of two powerhouses in brand communication and social commerce, committed to pushing boundaries and redefining industry norms.

The collaboration between Purple Albedo and PNJXN is a testament to our shared vision of transforming how brands communicate and engage in the era of Social Commerce. Together, we create a dynamic synergy that amplifies your brand's presence, ensuring it stands out in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

Discover the future of brand collaboration as we unite creativity, technology, and strategic insight to propel your brand into new dimensions. Purple Albedo and PNJXN: Transforming Brands, Revolutionizing Communication.