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Social Commerce can help you grow by 30%+

Social commerce for Hotels is when the decision to purchase is arrived at the Social Media, leveraging recommendations, Social Interaction, user ratings and shared pick lists we at Purple Albedo help you drive direct sales


Think Direct to Consumer

Take Your Hotel to the Next Level

The new age traveler wants to engage with the Brands directly, at their convenience and at a platform of their choosing.


When you engage directly with the end customer you have a

  • Stronger Brand presence

  • Increased Brand recall

  • Attract new customers

  • Lower your Acquisition cost

  • Increased footfalls for F&B

  • Increased leads for Banquets and Events

  • Increased Referrals

  • Ability to create a Buzz around your offerings

This is not restricted to Retail alone, the effect can be felt by Hotels as well. The new age travelers, the Millennials and GEN-Z are Digital natives and prefer a more direct approach wanting to engage with the Brands before they book.

Our Services

We live in a Dynamic world where the market is constantly changing. Source Markets have shifted. The New Normal demands that Hotels adapt to this change and any change that Future may bring. 

Our Solutions both Virtual Reality and Brand Building can individually or collectively help you leverage Social ​Commerce to showcase your Hotel Direct to Consumer and brings more direct Business. 


Virtual Reality

A Contactless way to reach millions of potential customers across multiple Geographies.  Virtual Reality helps open the whole world for your Hotel. Weddings, MICE Events, Celebrations, Trade Shows, Virtual Familarisation Trips, The possibilities are endless.  

Brand Management on Social Media

It takes 10-15 Touch points to create a Brand Recall. We help you drive Brand Activation, Awareness and Engagement across Social Media Channels by curating customer Journeys to increase your Lead Generation. We help you Sell your product not only where the buyers are but to the Right Buyers. Our Solutions helps you grow your Business

Image by Jeremy Bezanger

Our Approach

We create the best Strategy to tell your Brand Story.

Buyer Persona

The Right Customer​ does wonders for your Brand

Unified messaging

Streamlined messaging helps create a Brand Recall.

Building awareness

Touch points to create "Brand Awareness" in front of the right buyers.

Retarget to engage

It takes 10-15 touch points before conversion, Re-targeting is where magic happens.

Lead generation

Engaged audiences convert to Leads for your Teams to close


Satisfied Customers can be great source of Referrals both "Direct & In-Direct"



The Founders


Vishal Mehra

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

3 decades of rich experience in the Tourism Domain across diverse verticals, building brands and launching destinations such as Nepal, Egypt and Taiwan leveraging the power of Marketing. Vishal is a firm believer in all things Marketing and Social Media


Pravin Bhhardwaj

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A passionate hotelier and a travel industry professional with an experience of 2 decades, specializing in Revenue function, Sales Function, Procurement and Relationship Management. A well-connected individual known for his integrity , charm and people connect.


Manish Goel

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A Chartered Accountant by profession, Manish has a total of 3 decades experience in managing finance and accounting for global travel companies. Currently leading online travel company Holxo Holidays, his experience includes driving growth strategies

Collaboration is key to your success, and ours. We work with you at every stage of the process, so that we craft your story together. 



Connect, Chat, Work Together

New Delhi, India


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Thank you for your Interest in our Services. We shall get in touch with you Soon.

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