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Let Social Media be your number 1 Source of Direct Business

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We help Hotels discover the potential of Direct to Customer on Social Media, by leveraging Data and Insights to build Brand Awareness, which leads to Engagement and Conversions. Social Media Marketing is more than just posting Organic Content, Our result driven approach has helped multiple Hotels increase their Direct Sales for Rooms, F&B, Events, Weddings and Banquets. 


If growing your Direct Business is important for your Hotels Growth Strategy then get in touch with us and let us show you how 2022 can be the Year where you grow your Direct Business exponentially. Sign up for a Free Consult and a 30 Days no Obligation free trial to see if we are a Good match for your Hotel.

Case Studies


Crowne Plaza Greater Noida 

Room Sales, Weddings, Food and Beverage and Events

Social Media marketing is an excellent medium for Hotel to promote Weddings, the Potential clients for weddings are all on the Social Media and all that is needed is timely messaging to build awareness. In this case study we see how we helped our Client Crowne Plaza Greater Noida leverage Social Media to win weddings during the second phase of Lock down in India between April / June 2021.

The Second Wave of Corona Virus saw a lot of restrictions being placed on the number of people who were permitted to be invited for weddings. New Delhi was in a complete lock down as the cases had really increased and Couples who had already booked Venues in Delhi were left in a lurch. We were quick to realize this and in discussion with our Client prepared the right messaging for the Social Media which was leveraged to reach out to Potential clients who were to get married. The Right messaging giving accurate information being shared at the right time was the Key here.

The quick thinking on part of the Crowne Plaza Greater Noida by curating a solution for couples who were left in a lurch helped them win over many Weddings. Despite the circumstances, Crowne Plaza Greater Noida offered these at a reasonable price, there by winning automatic referrals and Good will. 


Apart from this we have helped Crowne Plaza Greater Noida run promotions for Food Festivals, Events like Punch Boxing, Christmas and New Year promotions, Opening of Restaurants all aimed at not only driving awareness but also bringing in Direct Sales.

Radisson Blu Greater Noida

Brunches, Food Festivals, Food Delivery, Room Promotions & Sunburn Festival

Radisson Blu Greater Noida needed help when they were relaunching the Sunday Brunch concept after a gap of nearly 18 months. We helped curate for them the right audience which helped build awareness and consistent messaging helped Radisson Blu fill up their Sunday Brunches where they are now a regular feature. 

Radisson Blu was also into food delivering and wanted help reaching out to the right set of people and also drive awareness for the various food festivals they were launching. The Idea behind both was to make sure that there was a top of mind recall for the people whom mattered. A consistent messaging from our end to the right audience which we kept on tweaking to ensure that audience fatigue does not set in helped Radisson Blu achieve excellent food delivery and footfalls for then festivals.

Sunburn Festival was being organised to usher in New Year 2022. The audience for this was very different than what the Hotels usually get, this was aimed primarily and Gen-Z and Millennials, we were up to the task and built very aggressive campaigns to reach out to the right demographics in the Geographies which were most likely to convert. 

Radisson Blu.jpeg

Hotel Pugmark Resort Ranthambore

Room Sales

The Pugmark Resort Ranthambore is a hotel located in Sawai Madhopur and caters to Leisure Tourists who travel to Ranthambore National Park. During its 17 years of existence,The Pugmark Resorts source markets have been International Tourists visiting Ranthambore and booking their stay using Destination Management Companies in India.

The onset of Covid-19 disrupted how majority of Hotels including the Pugmark Resort did their Business. Though Ranthambore did get a decent amount of Domestic Tourism, The Pugmark Resort and many other Hotels were not plugged into the Domestic Source market. This meant that when the Travel did resume towards end of September 2020, The Pugmark had no concrete Plan and Strategy to tap into the Domestic Market and had to rely largely on OTA’s (selling at throw away prices) and a handful of Destination Management companies who along with Incoming tourism to India were also doing Domestic as well. 

We created a complete strategy to help the Hotel to drive Awareness as the first step and then engaging and converting the audience. The Pugmark Resort had Sold out weekends all the way through till 2nd Lockdown was announced and did a healthy weekday occupancy between 40-50% at a decent rate and a vast majority of the Business that they got was Direct.

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