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Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality has made its way into our daily lives, slated to be a 20.9 Billion Industry by 2025, the real growth of Virtual Reality adoption is starting now. This has only been accelerated by Covid-19 and one sees multiple uses of the VR technology in multiple Industries.

Virtual Reality (VR) is successfully being used by the Gaming Industry who was the first to see its huge potential of providing Immersive experiences to the gamers but it is catching on in the other Industries as well. Factories are deploying it to showcase their production capabilities, Car manufacturers to showcase the new cars and Property Companies to showcase new projects and Agents for selling their listed houses.

What is the use case for the hospitality Industry?

Virtual Reality would allow the Hotels to sell multiple services to a wide range of customers in a single unified manner and at the same time help reduce the carbon footprint by reducing the collateral (paper) that is usually needed.

Standardised Presentation: It is a well known fact that every Department in the Hotel tweaks the corporate presentation to suit their needs, thereby making all the efforts of the Marketing department, which complied with the Brand Guidelines, null and void and there by reducing the impact of the presentation. Also a presentation does not always give an accurate picture to the viewer as it is not immersive, a lot is left to the imagination of the viewer. Virtual Reality footage of the Hotel, on the other hand, if viewed with a headset is a totally contactless and immersive experience and allows the viewer to be transported to the Hotel itself. Even without the headset it allows for the viewer to be able to have a walkthrough of the hotel and experience the property in a much better manner.

Site Inspections: The traditional model of business was you showcase your Hotel to the prospects either by showing a Video or pictures and then invite them to visit your property and experience it. This usually led to a long sales cycle. e.g. Your Sales team visited a Trade Show and showcased the Hotel to interested Travel partners. They may have loved what they saw, however they waited till they had visited the property on a Familiarisation trip before they could and would promote it. Your Hotel in VR would provide a very similar experience to the visitor but virtually and would shorten the sales cycle.

Incentives and Conferences: Corporate clients always want to know what they can expect in terms of the set up and experiences that the Hotel can provide for them when hosting their big event. Pictures showcasing the set ups leave a lot to be desired and the Corporate Clients need to rely on their imagination. With VR however little is left to the Imagination of the clients. They can see multiple setups and choose which one appeals to them and they can rest assured that the exact same thing would be replicated for them. Similarly they can experience the previous arrangements including food layouts Virtually and be assured of the Big GALA arrangements without setting foot in your Property

Weddings: This is where VR could really shorten your Sales cycle. Wedding planners and prospective hosts have to sift through multiple venues and hundreds of layouts to arrive at what they want and then hope that what they saw in pictures would actually look good in person. With VR a hotel can map all possible setups they offer including their best sellers and showcase it to the prospective hosts and at the same time empower the Wedding planners. When one can visually experience what the set up looks like it is easier to arrive at the decision.

Trainings: Every Time someone joins the Hotel whether as a Trainee or at a Senior position they need to be educated about the Hotel. The same VR walkthrough which works for the Clients also works to educate the team members on the property ensuring everyone is on the same page in a much shorter time.

Cross Selling: If you are a Part of a chain, and have other Hotels which are also mapped in VR, by setting up an experience zone, we can help you cross sell other properties to your in-house guests. This cross selling greatly helps lower your cost of Acquisition and shorten the sales cycle.

Cross device functional: The entire VR footage can be embedded in your website or be shared as a URL / Link via Email, messenger or any chat platform. All that is needed is a web client (Safari, Chrome) and an Internet connection. No need to worry about Operating Systems and size of the screen.

12K resolution: We map all Hotels in 12K resolution, the best devices today can showcase in 8K, the highest resolution content on Netflix is in 4K, this ensures that not only today but for the next few years you have the best resolution to showcase your property.

No Geographical barriers: Since the entire footage can be shared in realtime via a link in Emails, messenger and chat platforms, it opens up the whole world for you to market your Hotel to and data to show where the best traction for your hotel is coming from.

Empowers your Affiliates / Trade Partners: Helps your Travel Trade partners, event and wedding planners to better sell your Hotel. You can rest assured that there is no over selling of your Property since you control the narrative.

One has to remember that 60% of humans sensory perception is visual, 20% is audio and balance 20% is touch taste and smell. Our Virtual Reality solution which has a human voice over helps you achieve 80% of human sensory perception and helps you showcase your Hotel in a more immersive and non intrusive manner.

VR also helps your marketing teams by giving them granular data and stats which help you fine tune your offerings in the right Geography to the right set of people. Combine this with url masking your marketing teams can even create retargeting audiences to curate special offers for those who have viewed your footage.

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