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Video Marketing

Videos are the future, as per a CISCO Study 82% of Internet traffic would be Videos by 2022, so it makes perfect sense for the Hospitality Industry to emabrace Video Marketing. The consumer demand for Videos continues to soar and this presents the Hotels with a Unique opportunity to leverage Video Marketing to establish their Brand, drive awareness and ultimately conversions.

As a marketing tool video is easily one of the most flexible platforms to capture consumer interest and develop brand awareness. With modern mobile phones and multiple platforms it is today very easy to make social media videos, promotional videos and adverts in high resolutions going upto 4k resolution, but Video Marketing still requires a very well defined strategy and a specialist who understand how to grow your Brand using Video Marketing as a Tool.

We leverage Videos in our Paid Promotions that we carry out for our Clients. We use Videos at various stages, but more during Engagement and Warming up Stage as Videos let us re-target audiences who are most likely to convert. A typical re-targeting Strategy would mean for us to have 4 – 5 Videos and depending upon what length of Video has been viewed by the prospects we would then show then either the same video or a different one and for each Video this would be planned. When we start engagement activity we can end up having 7-8 ad’s running in various stages of Targeting and re-targeting.

At every stage touch points are being created and the audience is being warmed up. Warmer audience is more likely to flow to the Top of the funnel and become leads for your Sales teams to close than the colder audience. Video Marketing also needs to complements your SEO Strategy. SEO remains critical for your Hotel to get traction online and get traffic from search Engines. If done right, which means the right keyword has been chosen, the Online and Offline SEO have been done propely and the Hotel shows up on the first page there is potential to get thousands of visitors from Searches that Happen online. lets take an example, for this example I would use Google’s free keyword tool to find the traffic volume for a keyword, Luxury Hotel Jaipur.

The Keyword Luxury Hotel jaipur has a Search volume of between 1K to 10K searches a month and has low competition. Even the top of the page bid is rather low. This keyword has a good search volume and is easy to optimize for. But what happens in real time when we really search for it.

The first results are dominated by google who would in turn redirect you to a 3rd party site or in some cases to the official site of the Hotel to close the booking. If you look at Part 2, not a Single hotel has made the cut, Its, or anyone else who has spent time, money and a lot of effort in SEO.

Once the potential traveller has reached here and before they make a booking (if travelling to a new destination) they would like to research some more on the official site of the Hotel. Having a Video on the landing page here can help a great deal in giving a great Impression.If you had a Facebook Pixel on your website, you could start showing the potential travellers your Video Ads and what they have read in terms of Text and seen as Pics can now become more real via a Video or the first video they may have seen on the Landing page can now be supplemented by the next Video. Ask yourself a Simple question, they may have read enough, but have they seen enough. By showing them these Videos you can create a more lasting impression and in turn push them down the Sales funnel towards conversions.

Here are some key Video Stats to consider

If you are still on the Fence about Video Marketing, get in touch with us, we would be happy to show you how Video Marketing can be a game changer for your Hotels and how we can leverage the Videos for Social Media Marketing and drive in more traffic and in turn higher conversions for your Hotel.

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