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Content Marketing - Why you still need it

If you want to Stand out in the crowd, then Content Marketing can help you do that. Content is the Backbone of Marketing, It is of utmost importance when it comes to SEO and is vital to establish you as an Authority in your field, yet a vast majority of companies do not utilize content marketing to its full potential.

A common feedback I have heard is that the space is so crowded, it will take a long time for the content to get Indexed and it is expensive to hire Content writers in our Domain. Ask yourself a question what is more expensive, Hiring good content writers or not getting free traffic from Search engines and in turn no new leads since you don't have good content.

Sometimes the best content writers are in-house, If you have hired someone to do a Job and they are good at it, trust me then they are good enough to write on that Subject. Don't let the fact that they are not good at writing in general be an excuse. Agreed not all of us are born Story tellers so making the content engaging becomes difficult, but 99% of people I have met have decided on their own that they are not good enough to write. My Suggestion please give it a Try. You never know and if you are not a natural at it, the content you have produced would help a content writer create something exceptional.

What can Brands use content for?

As a Marketing Strategist, I recommend using content for all 3 stages, i.e. building awareness, generating engagement and driving conversions.

Let's understand the power of content with an example, You are trying looking for an answer to a Problem you are trying to solve, where do go? If you are like 99% of us, you will Google it (or use a Search engine) the results that have made it to the first page are the ones you are likely to click on. (If you don’t find a satisfactory answer only then you advance to the second page) All these search results that you saw made it to the first page based on the Power of SEO which in turn needed content to rank it and bring it to the first page.

Once you are on the Page, if the content has been written in a manner that is easy to understand and it resonates with you and helps you solve your problem. You would either save it / bookmark it (I recommend using a Chrome extension called Pocket) or if you seek content like this regularly you would subscribe to their newsletter. If you do the former, then not only has the objective of Brand Awareness been met but you have also engaged with the content by saving it. If it’s the latter all 3 objectives have been met. Awareness, Engagement and Conversion. See once you have subscribed to their newsletter, you are now in their Mailing list where they can share more content with you and warm you as a Potential. Warm leads always convert better than cold ones. The Content in this case did its job. It brought you to their page and brought you in their fold.

The Key pointers when designing content should be

Number 01: Check on Google Keyword planner, what is the search volume for this Keyword. If no one is searching for it, then you will not be found. If you find alternate keywords which have a higher search volume, Tweak your article a little to make sure that Focus Keyword (Search term) presents itself often enough to let Search engines know what this article is about.

Number 02: Keep it Simple. Don’t use words which people would not understand, if that means that you need to break it down into a longer sentence but it makes more sense do that. Write it in such a way that even someone not from your domain can understand it. This is where the content writing really shines. Keep it as simple as possible.

Number 03: Don’t worry about the length of the article, It may be 500 words or 2000 words, the key here is that it has to arrive at the answer or finding in a proper manner. If that makes it long then so be it, See if someone who is looking for an answer to a problem, wants to be sure that you know what the problem is, They would understand that to arrive at this solution you had to explain the background. If they bounce off your page because of the length, they may not even be the right audience for you.

Number 04: Always have a form offering to email them this article, It makes their life easier, plus it helps you get them into your mailing list. Once they are there, share more information with them, but don’t overwhelm them. The Frequency can be different for different Industries, err on the side of Caution.

Number 05: Having just one Article cannot be considered as content marketing, I recommend that you have multiple articles on which you are a Subject matter expert so that you have the content to share with people leveraging what is called Drip marketing, to warm them to your Brand / Services.

Content marketing does not only work for some Industries, it works for every Industry, So if you are really serious about your SEO and establishing yourself as a Subject matter Expert, then leverage the power of content.

Also remember that in todays day and age it takes many touch points to ensure that a Brand recall is established, Drip marketing would help, but It would also help if you have analytics installed on your website, Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel and Linkedin Insight Tag, because where Google Analytics would show you how people engage with your content and how you have acquired them and which page/s they checked out on your site once they landed here, Facebook Pixel and Linkedin Insight Tag can help you get in front of them more often (paid Social) to convert them to become your paying customers.

Key takeaway is to invest in Content Marketing. It would help you immensely to establish yourself as an Authority in your Domain and good content brings you TON of ORGANIC TRAFFIC.

Content Marketing is something we help Tourism & Hospitality companies with, if your Objective is to grow your Direct Business and your online presence needs a makeover have a chat with us and we will help you grow your Digital footprint, curate the right content and out it in front of the right audience for you.

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