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Our Solutions

Our Solutions are designed to help you harness the power of Direct to Consumer.

Result Driven Approach

We are from the Industry and understand the Pain areas of our Colleagues. Both our Solutions Virtual Reality and Brand Management leveraging Social Media have been designed to help you increase your Direct Business and reduce your dependence on 3rd party channels.

Virtual Reality

Contactless & Immersive

Virtual reality has the power to convert ordinary environments into extra ordinary experiences.​Virtual reality experience inspires travelers, especially tech-savvy millennials, who are projected to make up over 50% of the world’s hotel guests by 2025.

But Virtual Reality as a tool for the hotel industry goes beyond Marketing campaigns. ​A survey of hoteliers and consumers, found out some exciting insights on Virtual Realities potential:

  • 52% of interviewees believe that VR will be used in the booking process by 2025.

  • 2/3 say this would enhance their experience.

  • 45% of customers would visit hotels more often if they offered this service.

The words “virtual reality” and “dining out” may not be paired together much now, but the survey results indicate virtual dining experiences soon will become part of our vernacular:

  • 60% of surveyed guests think a VR dining experience will be adopted by 2025.

  • 44% believe this will help to improve the guest experience.

  • 64% think Virtual Reality, as part of the dining experience, is either very appealing or somewhat appealing.

According to the survey, 70% of consumers think VR will be implemented in less than five years, and almost 50% think it will improve their experience. 

On the Business side, Virtual Reality can replace all your collateral that is often shared with Trade Partners, Corporate Clients and Guests, standardize the information going out and even help with Virtual Familarisation trips for Trade partners and Potential guests specially for MICE and Weddings. 

By showcasing multiple setups during mapping, the Hotel can shorten the lead to conversion time that it takes to close a Sale. ​We map your Hotel in 12K resolution (The best Mobile devices can record today in 4K and very few devices can play 4K as of 2021. 

Our Solution makes your Hotel Virtual reality experience future proof. With a real human voice over to ensure that every detail of your Hotel is shared with the Prospective customers, this is a perfect solution for both your Marketing and Sales teams. 

The Virtual Reality experience can be viewed in a VR headset, a Regular Mobile device, Tablet, Computer, Projector or a Televison Screen, any device that has access to Internet would be able to showcase your Hotel. 

It can be easily shared as a link on Social Media, in a messenger (whatsapp / telegram), or an email  with your prospective customers across Geogrpahies. ​The Rich data analytics can further help your Marketing teams know the geographies where the content is being viewed to fine tune the marketing strategies. 

Virtual Reality

Completed Projects

Crowne Plaza Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad’s Address for Business and Celebrations.​ At Crowne Plaza Ahmedabad City Centre, every stay feels like a stimulating experience .Conveniently located in the central business district of Ahmedabad with a close proximity to the airport, the hotel is easily accessible to business districts of SG Highway and Sanand.Be it for business or leisure, 
Crowne Plaza Ahmedabad provides a wide range of services guaranteed to satisfy the needs of the most discerning guests.

Radisson Blu Delhi Airport

5-mins away from Indira Gandhi International Airport & 10 mins away from Cyber City – business district of Gurgaon,
Radisson Blu Plaza Delhi Airport is conveniently situated on Delhi-Gurgaon Expressway.

With closest metro station just 600 meters away & world-class shopping malls minutes away, the hotel is conveniently
connected to New Delhi on one hand & on commercial hub of Gurgaon from another side.


Lets begin with a few Question: 


  • Do you have a defined Customer Persona?​

  • Is this defined Persona aware of your Brand?

  • Is your Marketing doing enough to activate you in front of the right customers?​

  • Given the fact that over 50% customers are willing to book direct yet very few do is probably an Indication that your Brand is not active in-front of the right audience. 


​Ask yourself WHY?


An average Human being is exposed to between 4000 – 10,000 Ads per day. 


How does your Brand get itself noticed?

Dwindling attention spans, Increased content and being targeted by between 4000-10000 Brands a day may well mean that your Potential guest has no recall of what you offer. A study conducted by Microsoft Corp indicates that people now generally start to lose concentration after about eight seconds. This figure has been falling over the years and is now at an all-time low.


To Stay relevant your Hotel needs a Customer Journey Map to create multiple touch points at every stage of the customer journey. You need the right content to engage with the Audience between 10-15 times to create a Brand Recall.​At Purple Albedo we are firm believers in power of Marketing and Social Media. We are not a Digital Agency selling Social Media Marketing to the Industry, we are Industry Professionals leveraging Social Media marketing to build meaningful customer Journeys to increase your Lead Generation and growing your Brand.

The approach being followed by many today in the name of Social Media Marketing is how many times the content is being posted on your Social Media with no focus on How many leads enter the Sales Funnel and building meaningful connections with your Potential Guests. ​we understand that cold leads seldom convert, our Approach is “Connection & Conversion Focused” Everything we do is aimed at putting your Brand in front of the right audience multiple times to create a recall. We leverage Social Media to first drive awareness, then engagement to finally driving conversions.

Social Media

From Activation to Conversion

  • 82% of consumers expect to be able to transact with a brand on its website.

  • 88% of consumers prefer to buy directly from the brand if given the option.

  • Consumers are 57% more likely to start their online shopping journey on a brand's website than on an OTA's

  • 72% of consumers are not fully satisfied with the current online shopping experience offered by their favorite brands


Every client goes through 5 stages of Buying cycle, Awareness, Consideration, Intent, Purchase and Post Purchase(Satisfaction and Referrals). Leveraging our Industry experience & Domain expertise we help you design customer journeys that are best suited for your Audience and create a touch point with them at every stage, helping you gain more direct bookings, Increasing your referrals and reducing your 3rd party dependence. 

Today's clients want to engage with a Brand at their own terms. We create an online Guest profile for your Hotel, help your Brand reach the targeted audience in the chosen Geography and be in front of them on their chosen platform at their chosen time in a manner which is best suited for them. We live and breathe Insights and Data and these in turn help your Brand focus on where your growth is coming from in a manner which is sustainable and scalable. 

Getting started with us is easy. Get in touch with us and we will present to you Insights and Data along with a definitive plan to help you grow.

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