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COVID 19 turned the world upside down. With the Hospitality & Tourism Industry coming to a grinding halt and having all the time in the world for the first time in our working careers we sat with Empty minds and played catch up. ​A few calls with Industry colleagues made us of the fact that the Landscape post COVID -19 would change completely and look very different. We also realized that our Industry was not geared up to handle it.

A casual coffee meet to catch up for old times sake and we eventually ended up drifting back to the Problems Industry is facing and each of us trying to find a solution. We bounced many Ideas, wanted a 360 degree solution aimed at helping the Hotel Industry to come out stronger and better geared up to handle the new normal. 

Purple Albedo was born as an Amalgamation of these ideas. Leveraging the Financial and Strategy expertise of Manish, Relationship and Hotel Procurement & Relationship management expertise of Pravin and Travel Marketing, Data & insights and Direct to consumer approach leveraging Social Media expertise of Vishal, we have designed a modular approach which would help Hotels in Optimizing their revenues, increase their Visibility online specially where the Buyers are.

With Adaptability being the Key, specially since the Source Markets have shifted, the way people buy has undergone a radical change, Hotels need to Adapt. Our Innovative solutions from Virtual reality to Brand Building and driving Direct Business leveraging the power of Social Media Marketing combined with data based approach, makes it easier for the Hotels to stay relevant and embrace this change and any other changes that may follow.

With this being just the Start, our Passion & Love for this Industry has made us think how we can help other Stake Holders in Hospitality and Tourism Industry as well. Our Roadmap is already well into phase 2 and phase 3 of what needs to be Launched. We would be coming out with solutions which would make the Industry proud and relevant. 

We invite our colleagues to come and join hands with us bringing their expertise and lets together create a force which delivers results.

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